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Professional Security Services

Virtual CISO Services (vCISO)

A comprehensive, cost-effective approach for your security program

Risk assessment, regulatory requirements, resource and budget constraints. These are some common security needs for any business. As your business grows, so do your information security needs. Palette’s vCISO offers a scalable solution designed to meet your business objectives, address risks and optimize resources for future initiatives. We offer a customized solution to meet your company’s needs, no matter what stage of growth you are in.


How can we help:-

>> Assess Risk Develop a security plan/policies and procedures
>> Manage vendor risk and compliance regulations Organize security training
>> Track evolving threat landscapes Implement technical controls
>> Budget Test technical controls
>> Communicate with executives Implement remediation plans

GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Integrated Risk Management – Enterprise Level, Strategic Decision Making

Implementing GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) technologies is a major investment- but the need to have governance is critical. In many cases the approach involves pulling together detailed data from different solutions. A common information layer for GRC is necessary. Having your information regarding policies, risks, assets, vulnerabilities and threats in silos creates blind spots in management decision making

Ask our GRC experts to help you define your GRC Strategy. We provide blueprinting and roadmap services specific to your goals and enterprise architecture. The result will be an effective management decision support system for all stakeholders of your GRC Program.

Security Architecture

Whether you are working on security projects or consulting on security in your business projects, you need Security Architects who are well versed in modern agile methodologies. Our experts can engage at any phase of your solutions development process and provide valuable input to build security and privacy into your digital assets.

We have years of experience working in complex environments in every area of security control framework. Our experts even help organizations look for safety risk, when needed. If sustainability of security governance is a challenge, let us help you by formalizing your security architecture charter to enable digital transformation.

Third-Party Governance

Every organization is part of a complex business ecosystem. Understanding where risks lie in the supply chain is key — and we’ve got the experience to support you. We can help you design and build your third-party Risk Management Program. Our extensive knowledge gained through assessments in a variety of sectors fuels our approach — and now we can help with yours. GRC is a part of the equation. Rely on our knowledgeable GRC consultants to help you design a solution that works for your specialized needs.

We specialize in configuring solutions for third-party risk management. We can design and build your solution. We can aid in your assessments, plus tie in data from your authoritative sources of information. Rely on our RSA Archer experts to help you design and build a risk assessment solution that effectively monitors the unique risks to your business.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vulnerability management is a key to modern information security. Our team of experts can identify, evaluate, treat and report security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure. This will help you be proactive and prioritize possible threats and minimize the attack surface. We will provide you the assessment first and show you the risks, give you a complete layout of the threat map so that you can better understand the issues. Then help you mitigate those risks through a plan of effort, step by step in detail.

Penetration Testing

Our 6 step penetration testing will help you identify misconfigured systems, outdated software and other vulnerabilities, assess those vulnerabilities and measure risks, provide reports on the findings to drive both strategic and tactical decision making processes, and finally help you design the remediation approach based on the identified risks for your organization

  • Reconnaissance: Discover systems and gather information
  • Vulnerability review and tests
  • Risk Determination: Identify the verified vulnerabilities and assess risks.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: Document and report security postures and provide recommendations
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identify misconfigured systems, outdated software and other vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation:
  • Remediation: Lay out plan and implement remediation

SIEM and SOC Services

With our expert Security Operations Engineers and Security Incident and Event Management tool, we can identify, monitor, record and analyze your organizations security events in real-time. Our dedicated service engineers can provide you 24/7/365 service, as part of our Managed Security Services. Please refer to our Managed Security Services Program for detail

Phishing Campaign

91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack. We have helped many of our customers identify the percentage of their employees who are Phish-prone. It is a standard practice in Cybersecurity to run phishing test in a regular basis. This adds an additional layer of security for the environment. It is a fun and an effective cybersecurity best practice to patch your last line of defense: USERS. Our team of experts will help you design the campaign, run it for you and provide you a complete report to show you the Phish-prone percentage and comparison with others in your industry.

Security Training

Get trained on security tools. We are redesigning our training module under a separate domain (www.palette.training). Please leave us your contact information and we will contact you when it’s ready. Include a contact form that will be connected to our marketing module.


Cloud Managed Services

  • Unified Virtual DC
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)/Business Continuity (BC)
  • Security Monitoring and Alerting
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Virtual Application Development

Network Infrastructure Services

  • Data Center Build-Out
  • Data Center Migration
  • NOC Service
  • On-Site/Remote Network Health Monitoring
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Asset Discovery and Management