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What We Can Help With

Service We Provide

Super class business performances and competitive results depend on capitalizing the knowledge on the subject matter and implementing it within the time and budget.

At Palette Technologies, we have a team of highly skilled professionals in the field with years of experiences. Our services help enterprises

  • Shift from legacy to virtual or cloud based infrastructure
  • Develop next generation applications
  • Secure data and application with the most sophisticated technology available in the market
  • Manage and secure network for wired, wireless and mobile devices
  • Mitigate risk and compliance across the organization
  • Develop highly functional organization by reducing the operational and production cost
  • Infrastructure Build-Out
  • Network and Security Design & Implementation
  • Wireless Network Setup & Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring & Security Testing
  • Governance, Compliance & Risk Assessment (GRC/GDPR)
  • Security Policy Implementation
  • Application Management & Support
  • Day-to-Day Network, Security & Application Support
  • Storage Maintenance
  • Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • IT Advisement

Service Type


Data Center Integration

A team of highly experienced professionals are dedicated to utilize their knowledge and experience to provide businesses world class foundational infrastructure technologies. They have years of experience in data‐center build‐out and integration. Some of the integration services include

  • Complete build‐out of your data center
  • Building network security infrastructure around it
  • Building‐out application security and virtualization
  • Storage and Computing
  • Consolidation of different segments in the data center
  • Private and public services integration, etc.

Cloud Integration

Cloud based networking and applications usage are at rise. To keep up with the current growing technology Palette Technologies has a dedicated group of engineers who has a wide range of experience building and deploying cloud based infrastructure.

It delivers our customers cloud based services that addresses data, processes, SOA (service oriented architecture) and application integration in the cloud.

Complementing the innovative and the agile cloud model, we provide rapid integration capabilities, easy to use UI which significantly reduces development costs and allows customers to quickly capitalize the benefits of cloud integration while maximizing the value of their investment.



Networking is considered the core of the infrastructure practice at Palette Technologies. We have a group of highly skilled and years of industry experienced network engineers to provide various support to our customers across the board, which includes:

  • Network architecture and design
  • Configuration of the network segments
  • Rack, stack and cabling (total implementation)
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and support
  • IP address management and DNS maintain
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) design and support
  • System engineering
  • Storage and SAN design and support


At Palette Technologies, we emphasize on the security of your network, and put highest priority to it. In today’s vulnerable world, security is a big concern for all sorts of businesses, from small to mid-sized to large. Palette Technologies understands and values that. As part of our security infrastructure practice, we provide the following solutions to our customers:

  • Security infrastructure design
  • Configuration of the security segments
  • Rack, stack and cabling (total implementation)
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and support
  • PCI and PII network configuration and support
  • Firewall and proxy policy management
  • DLP implementation and maintenance


At Palette Technologies, we provide vendor based solution to our client which make sure the consistency and stability of the network. We work with all leading hypervisor, server and storage vendors. We provide virtualization guideline to our client based on their specific need and available resources. Our specific services include

  • Virtualization assessments
  • Server virtualization design, implementation and maintenance
  • Server based computing design, implementation and maintenance
  • Desktop and application based virtualization design, implementation and maintenance.



IT security threats range from inquisitive prowlers to technically sophisticated
hackers. Our network and security audit helps organizations address security
vulnerabilities in smaller or larger scales, all depends on the need. Some of
the highlighted audit work that we are expert in, includes…

  • Governance, Risk Compliance and ASV scanning
  • External and Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Data Privacy and Protection And many more….

Application Development

Palette Technologies has highly experienced group of developers, on‐shore and
off‐shore, to help you develop your organizations network based
application need. Our developers are intimate with the inner
workings of any platform. We can offer the most efficient design and
implementation method for whatever your organization require.

  • Customized Business Applications Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • eCommerce & Payment Gateway Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Application virtualization
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Code debugging